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【Overseas】 For potential customers who wish to do business

1.After confirmation of payment, we will begin to process your order and then proceed with shipment. 

2.It may not be possible to manufacture our products dependent on the sea, weather and or the quality of raw materials. We will work with your needs and requests to the best of our possibilities but there is difficulty in specifying a scheduled delivery. As such, the waiting period may be longer depending on timing, seasonality, quality, etc.

3.  Regarding the delivery status of the products, we take pride in our strict packing (measures against collapse of cargo and temperature control) compared to other companies, but we cannot be held responsible for any troubles that may occur during transportation.

4.Due to customs clearance, we can deliver to airports such as Narita Airport, but we ask that you make arrangements for a customs broker.

Q.What is the difference of the 2 types of Sea Urchin?

There are 3 main points of difference within the 2 different Sea Urchin varietals.


Due to company circumstances, we have discontinued production of the Takeamimori “Iki” product. Prior to being discontinued, the product was often used in Japan Airlines First Class Food and Beverage offerings titled as “Zaru Uni”. Hanakagomori was developed as having beautiful aesthetics; perfect for gifts.

The tools used for procurement are specifically tailored for our needs and thus specific to us; not being available anywhere else.

Currently, people preferring Hana Kagomori are growing in numbers.

Takeamimori uses product equivalent to 2nd tier within our company’s classification system.

Hanakagomori uses product equivalent to 3rd tier within our company’s classification system.