Speciality of the regions and our company values

June- September: Rishiri Raw Sea Urchin 

Bafun sea urchins from Rishiri’s taste, size, color and shape are toted as the best quality. We classify them into a 5 grade evaluation.

(1 Toku = Rishiri regular product), 2 Toku, 3 Toku,  4 Toku, and 5 Toku.

October- May: Hopposhi island, Hokkaido

Hoppyosi Island, Hokkaido, also known as the world’s top three fishing ground where the cold current and the warm current meet, has lots of  high quality kelps and sea weeds. Sea Urchin that lives around the area eats those kelps and sea weeds has a thick taste and distinctive melting texture of Bafun Sea Urchin.