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Around June to September, we use Rishiri brand sea urchin called AKARISHIRI and SHIRORISHIRI for the general sales products, that can be found throughout Toyosu fish market and all over Japan. These are used by high-end Japanese/ Sushi restaurants and Michelin-starred restaurants all over the world such as NYC, Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan etc…

This is the nature of Ezoba-style Uni from Hokkaido, often known as the Red Uni or the Hokkaido Rishirito Uni, often known as the White Uni. They are raised eating the highest-grade seaweed available in Japan, often given the aromatics of kelp to the Uni.

The area is known for raising the highest-grade seaweed through the minerality of the water that is washed down from the mountains of Rishirizan. Eating such high-quality kelp has raised some of the highest quality Uni in all of Hokkaido. The representative director himself will go out and see each individual Sea Urchin caught to the choose the highest quality catch.  

※We apologize for any delays or lack of stock that could potentially be caused by the circumstances that may arise from the conditions of weather and the ocean. We appreciate your patronage. 

The 5 points of commitment of the Hokkaido Rishirito Sea Urchin

1. The Sea Urchin that are used of the highest quality from Rishiri in the summer.

2.1 Our product is never frozen to maintain the highest quality freshness, taste and appearance.

3. Our product is only produced during the summer season and is often patronized by professionals from all over.

Up until 2022, the procurement of our product was difficult for nonprofessional consumers but we are actively adding routes of sales for general consumers.

4. It may not be possible to manufacture our products dependent on the sea, weather and or the quality of raw materials.

5. During purchasing, after receiving payment we will procure the carefully selected product from out available stock with delivery to follow. 

We will contact you before shipment to try and adjust our production date with your preferred delivery dates. Specific delivery schedules are difficult so please let us know your approximate desired dates and times. Please note that with less possible delivery dates, the possibility of later shipment is increased.

If you have an opportunity to do so, we invite you to try our product; the Sea Urchin presented by Ichikawa as sales to the general public have just begun.

The slogan for our raw Sea Urchin is “If it isn’t delicious, it isn’t Sea Urchin”; further emphasizing the importance of our focus on freshness and quality.

Therefore, we recommend consumption with a sprinkle of high-quality salt and to enjoy as is.  

こんばんは、The Shows 唯一雲丹の、、唯一無二のスタッフ、松尾醒叡です。ご縁あってこちらのHPを作成させていただきました。こちらのHPでイチカワさんの影武者として、引き続きBK(冒険)していきたいと思います。宜しく候。

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