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I was delivered the “maboroshi” in soy flavor today. If summed up, the concept of sea urchins will evolve! We truly recommend people, even those who do no prefer sea urchin, to try this product. Normally sea urchin have a bitterness and harshness around the flavors but in this product, such flavors are suppressed and a very gentle sweetness has risen. The bitterness and harshness make the sweetness much more rounded and umamim-filled!

Despite being a very rich dish, it was still very easy to eat, truly a mirage.

Despite all of this, the texture of sea urchins remain!


It was delicious! It’s quite sad that as of current, I would like everyone to learn of the product but also wouldn’t want the product to become hard to get. I’m looking forward to having a Hokkaido Sake pairing with my friends on the weekends! (NUMATA NORI x Maboroshi Soy Sauce)


I’ve just received the Maboroshi in both miso and sou flavors; they’re both amazing! I’ve decided to try the sea urchin with crackers with cream cheese immediately. Excellent pairing with cream cheese!

  1. Crackers with cream cheese and Maboroshi
  2. Crackers with avocado dip and Maboroshi

Also, Maboroshi with fresh boiled pasta was able to enhance the umami flavors alongside the aromas of the sea and seaweed. The truly Japanese flavors go really well with red wine, white wine and beer!


I just had the opportunity to have Maboroshi and topped it on top of rice.

Personally, I found the flavor to be exquisite with rice. I felt that it was truly packed with the richness and other great flavors of sea urchin that maybe even people who cannot eat sea urchin may enjoy!

If I come across the product, I will be sure to buy it again!


I just had the maboroshi soy and miso flavors.

Firstly, I was very impressed by the packaging, increasing my expectations. My wife was also impressed by the luxurious box! This time I bought it for personal consumption, but I will be repeating it as gifts and surprises. I normally don’t drink alcohol but when I ate Maboroshi, I had the urge to drink. I found the product to go very well with sake. I have never eaten such rich sea urchin and almost felt as if it was too good to eat. From now on, I will be purchasing more from Hokkai Shokuhin! Thank you!

Canadian Resident Ms.SL

It was so delicious, almost too delicious! Thank you!

Instagram Comment

Firstly, I tried the miso Maboroshi cooked in with rice in an earthenware pot. It was so delicious! Without preservative, the expiration date is short, but the flavors are not. I tried the soy as well and found it to be delicious too! It’s all so good!

Food Critic, Taste-Tester TheShows S・MT

It was great, gone instantly. I felt as if it would pair very well with other foods.

Mix pasta with a soy mayonnaise sauce and after wrapping it around a spoon, top it with Maboroshi. If you’re dining in warm subdued lighting, you just might find yourself in a fine dining restaurant. The miso enhances the richness and umami of the sea urchin; allowing you to transport yourself to the deep sea. The recipe for cream cheese on crackers looked phenomenal so I gave it a try. It tasted almost too fancy! For every plate, I’d one 1 bottle of sake! It’s truly a gem you’d keep in your household for flavor needs!



It’s just arrived! It really is delicious! I truly was able to experience the true flavors of sea urchin for the first time in a long time. This is amazing despite being a processed product. Thank you!


It was delicious! It’s completely different from other packaged sea urchin and it pairs so well with both rice and sake.

Thank you so much!