Company background

When our representative was a university student, he tasted his first Sea Urchin at his relative’s sushi restaurant; thoroughly impressed with a lasting impression.

“I want to learn more and have a deeper understanding of the nuances of sea urchin ”

After graduating, he started training at Sea Urchin’s trading company at Akasaka, Tokyo and he was chosen to become the person in charge at his place of work in Mexico after half a year.

Afterwards, he was studying the Sea Urchin basics around Hokkaido area such as Erimo and Rishiri Island for 4 years.

In June 1982, he started his Sea Urchin Store at a factory in Rishiri. (Ichikawa Hokkai Shokuhin)

In January 1990, he founded Ichikawa Hokkai Shokuhin LLD

In 2017, “Akarishiri” and “Shirorishiri” were created from the factory manager’s sudden ideation

In 2021, After crowdsourcing capital through MAKUAKE, he innovated a new sea urchin delicacy called MABOROSHI.  *Achieved 1000% of the sales target

In January 2022, he started selling the rich sea urchin delicacy MABOROSHI, the selected Ezobafun Sea Urchins from Hoppoyonto island, Hokkaido, for general customers

In June 2022, he started selling 10 different kinds of Sea Urchin products:

5 kinds of “Akarishiri” which uses selected Ezobafun Sea Urchin, 5 kinds of “Shirorishiri” which uses selected Kitamurasaki Sea Urchin

In August 2022, started selling via Furusato Nozei

In November 2022, starts selling 5 kinds of Sea Urchin from Ezobafun Sea Urchin fro Hoppyo island, Hokkaido

*We are not selling salt water sea urchin overseas