Story of “Mirage”, the decadent Sea Urchin Delicacy

During the Showa Era.

Our representative director who is currently under training for sea urchin in Rishirito Hokkaido, who despite showing clumsiness at times is working hard with passion and grit to learn the ropes of sea urchin. This has given him the opportunity to become the next heir of their operations. Our “Maboroshi (Mirage)” is a direct product of the trials and tribulations of everyone involved.

Previously we had attempted to sell the product, but the representative of our company decided against it due to the pricing of the product being too far from current market prices. As such, development of the product was halted. In 2021, 25 years had passed along with our representative aging. We felt that it would be a shame if the secret manufacturing method which has been passed down and refined would end without being released to the public. Thus, we’ve decided to try once more so that “Maboroshi” wouldn’t become extinct.

With such in mind, we’ve decided to take on crowdfunding through Makuake.

Through the support of many people, we were able to achieve 1000% of our initial funding target. Through the feedback received we were able to unveil it as our new product.

We would like to take this moment to sincerely thank everyone involed.