Rich sea urchin local delicacy “phantom” commitment

With an exquisite combination (trade secret), it is not just pickled in miso or soy sauce, but the addition of miso and soy sauce is used to extract the water from the sea urchin eggs (the volume is reduced to about half in the process of removing the water and concentrating) to bring out only the umami of the sea urchin and condense the flavors.

As a result, the original umami and sweetness of raw sea urchin retains the rich aroma of miso and soy sauce, making it a delicacy that makes the most of the ingredients used.

As for the taste, the moment you put it in your mouth, you will feel the soft texture of the raw sea urchin and the aroma of miso and soy sauce, and then the sweetness and umami of the raw sea urchin will spread in your mouth and make you smile. You are now transported to Hokkaido through the flavors and scents of Sea Urchin.

The taste of sea urchin deteriorates due to oxidation from the passage of time and freezing. (Oxidation causes bitterness.)

The deterioration may not be noticeable by most people unless it is an extremely prolonged period.

However, the representative of our company who is very strict about product quality says, “If we’re going to make it anyway, we want our customers to eat it at the best timing possible while maintaining freshness and when the sea urchin shines the most.”

We carefully select the Sea Urchin according to the given circumstances.

We process the product completely additive-free without the use of alum which is known to cause an added bitterness. We will deliver our product while raw with maintaining a raw shipment. Due to this, we have adapted our order sales system.

After confirmation of payment, the sea time limit is 72 hours upon arrival. Expiration date is 11 days after shipping date.

We never freeze our product. Due to the potential of not being able to access the sea due to weather, we ask of you to place your orders as early as possible.

If you have any other questions or comments; please feel free to contact us.
We would be very pleased if you are able to enjoy our Sea Urchin which we have been committed to for the past 40 years; brought to you by Ichikawa Hokkai Foods.