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Four Northern Islands, Hokkaido Product Details

The procurement period for our products for general sale will be from November to April of the following year. Our CEO, who has explored eating Sea Urchins around the world, will choose the Sea Urchins that he believes are the most in season and delicious at this time of year. Depending on the quality and seasonality of the products, sales for the season may be called off early.

This is the nature of the Ezoba-style Sea Urchins from the Four Northern Hokkaido Islands.

The Four Northern Islands are known as one of the world’s 3 major fishing grounds where warm and cold currents intersect. Due to the nature of the area, high quality kelp is cultivated naturally.

The Sea Urchin of the area feed off of the naturally high quality kelp; thus resulting in high quality Sea urchin. The Bafun Sea Urchin are known for having their melt-in-mouth texture alongside a rich sea-like umami flavor. Our Representative Director carefully selects the Sea Urchin that were freshly caught to then be chosen for our products.

※We apologize for any delays or lack of stock that could potentially be caused by the circumstances that may arise from the conditions of weather and the ocean. We appreciate your patronage. 

The 5 points of commitment of the Hokkaido Four Northern Island Sea Urchin

1. Our product will be sourced strictly from the Four Northern Islands of Hokkaido, with prospects of a very high-ranking upcoming season.                                      

2. Our product will never be frozen due to our commitment to delivering top quality freshness, taste and appearance.

3. Our products are often favored by professionals within the F&B Industry but has been more difficult for procurement by the general public. Starting 2022, we are actively taking steps to ease the process of purchase. 
4.  Our product manufacturing may be delayed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

5.  Upon purchase and confirmation of payment, we will process your order accordingly.  

We will contact you before shipment to try and adjust our production date with your preferred delivery dates. Specific delivery schedules are difficult so please let us know your approximate desired dates and times. Please note that with less possible delivery dates, the possibility of later shipment is increased.

If you have an opportunity to do so, we invite you to try our product; Ezoba-style Sea Urchin from the Four Northern Islands of Hokkaido presented by Ichikawa as sales to the general public have just begun.

The slogan for our raw Sea Urchin is “If it isn’t delicious, it isn’t Sea Urchin”; further emphasizing the importance of our focus on freshness and quality.

Therefore, we recommend consumption with a sprinkle of high-quality salt and to enjoy as is.  

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